This Learning Group has drawn on reliable data available across both high income and low and middle income countries, to unpack the prevalence of and risk factors associated with violence against children in schools. The work of the Learning Group has been informed by a number of observations and research findings highlighted in recent international research, as well as recent reports produced by the Special Representative of the Secretary General on Violence Against Children (Tackling Violence in Schools: A Global Problem - Bridging the gap between standards and practice); and organisations like UNICEF (Hidden in Plain Sight: A Statistical Analysis of Violence Against Children).

Six papers have been produced under this Learning Group. The papers are listed below:

  1. Gershoff, E. 2017. “School Corporal Punishment in Global Perspective: Prevalence, Outcomes, and Efforts at Intervention.” Psychology, Health & Medicine 22(S1): 224–39.
  2. Le Hai Ha Thi, M.A. Campbell, M.L. Gatton, H.T. Nguyen, M.P. Dunne and Nam T. Tran. 2017. “Temporal Patterns and Predictors of Bullying Roles among Adolescents in Vietnam: ASchool-based Cohort study.” Psychology, Health & Medicine 22(S1): 107–21.
  3. Leoschut L. and K. Kafaar. 2017. “The Frequency and Predictors of Polyvictimisation of South African Children and the Role of Schools in its Prevention.” Psychology, Health & Medicine 22(S1): 81–93
  4. Lester, S., C. Lawrence and C.L. Ward. 2017. “What do We Know aboutPreventing School Violence? A Systematic Review of Systematic Reviews.” Psychology, Health & Medicine 22(1): 187–223.
  5. Menesini, E. and C. Salmivalli. 2017. “Bullying in Schools: The State of Knowledge and Effective Interventions.” Psychology, Health & Medicine 22(S1): 240–53.
  6. Naker, D. 2017. “Operational Culture at Schools: An Overarching Entry Point for Preventing Violence against Children at School.” Background paper. Ending Violence in Childhood Global Report 2017. Know Violence in Childhood. New Delhi, India.
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