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From the field: A case study of the Romeo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative

Shelly Whitman*

The UN Secretary-General will release the Annual Report on Children and Armed Conflict to the Security Council this month. It will be noted that serious challenges to the protection of children affected by armed conflict continue to persist. Attacks on children’s well being that range from abductions, to attacks on schools and hospitals, to the recruitment and use of children and the direct killing and maiming of children have all been key features of the conflicts that currently exist. Flagrant violations of the laws of war as well as human rights law by parties to war, which include governments, are unfortunately common features that directly impact our children.

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Connecting the dots between social protection and childhood violence: a neglected research agenda

Tia Palermo and Anastasia Neijhoft*

Can social protection programmes reduce childhood violence? If so, what forms of violence can it reduce and through which pathways? What evidence is available to date, and what are the gaps where more research is needed?

These are the questions that 25 experts from around the world gathered to discuss at an expert roundtable organised by UNICEF Office of Research -Innocenti and Know Violence in Childhood in Florence, Italy 12-13 May 2016.

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Social media best practice: A case study of #EndViolence campaign

Fabio Venturini and Sudeshna Mukherjee*

Sustainable Development Goal 16.2:
“End abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence against and torture of children.”

Violence is preventable, childhood violence, more so. This post is an attempt to review the role of social media campaigns in changing the profile and awareness amongst different audiences around violence pertaining to childhood. In addition, wherever possible, we have mapped the target audience and the kinds of impact that may be attributable to a campaign. The idea is not to study virality or popularity. Instead, our aim is to review advocacy initiatives that cover Violence Against Children, popularly known as #VAC in social media,and to assess how they may affect social change. That search has led us to reviewing UNICEF’s #EndViolence social media campaign and how it enshrines best practices. Before we dive deeper, let us look at what comprises Best Practice in Social Media.

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